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Whole 30 Words to Live By

Whole 30 Words to Live By

Goodafternoon on this gloomy day!

Tomorrow is my kick off to 30 days of wholesome eating again, alongside 15 other boss babes and I couldn’t be more excited. Usually leading up to starting I would be dreading it, complaining, second guessing my decision but this time I’m actually all in and ready to hit the ground running! I wanted to share a few quick things that help set me up for success. You’ve got the do’s and don’ts, you’ve got the grocery lists, you should have SOME motivation and now all ya need is a few last pointers and you’re a pro!

#1 Get rid of any and all items in your kitchen that could temp you or set you up to fail- my first round of Whole 30, I took out a trash bag and just started throwing stuff away! I was so motivated to get my results that I wasn’t willing to let that sneaky Reese’s in the fridge or the bag of pasta (my weakness) steal them from me. For some, you’d see that as a waste, but guess what, you won’t be touching it for AT LEAST 30 days so what are the odds it’s still good after? Oh and you’re cutting it out any who so why do you need it? It’s a distraction and it creates an easy way out.

#2 Never go grocery shopping hungry really ever, but especially while during Whole 30 -The whole in Whole 30 is the transition to Wholesome eating and Whole Foods. When I’m hungry and walking around a grocery store, my first inclination is to grab a muffin from the bakery or a salami and cheese on the go snack pack. Anything that’s easy and portable. What I don’t do is go over and grab an apple or pepper and start munching. Save yourself the cheat and eat before or pack yourself a snack from home. It’s not worth the instant gratification.

#3 Don’t spend so much time stressing about having meals prepped- I found that for me, unless I have a different meal prepped for each day, I get bored and my meals end up in the trash. I hate eating the same thing everyday especially when my options are already limited! What’s worked best for me is to prep all of my food, but keep it all in separate containers. Bacon with bacon, eggs with eggs, veggies with veggies and so on. I find it’s much more satisfying to wake up, build my meals for the day based off of what sounds good and go. The food is already cooked but I don’t have to worry about a combination not being appetizing anymore or getting burnt out and slipping up.

#4 Get those living with you to join you even for one meal a day - My husband could eat more food than we usually even have in our house in one sitting so convincing him of doing Whole 30 and cutting a lot of foods from his diet isn’t easy. I found that if I cook the meals for him, he enjoys them and helps me stay on track but I’m not limiting him to only eating what I eat. He didn’t choose the lifestyle, I did. Even just one meal though, makes me feel like I’m not left out of the things he knows I love and it motivates me to keep going.

#5 Don’t spend hours at the store reading labels - I find that when I’m spending a lot of time reading labels, I’m looking for easy ways out or hoping that more of the things I enjoy on a regular basis will all of a sudden be made Whole 30 approved and thats not the case. Get in and out of the store by grabbing what you know to be approved and wholesome and save yourself the heartache when the bag of waffles or your favorite dip hasn't changed its ingredients.

#6 JUST HAVE FUN - You’re probably thinking, how is that even possible? And so was I when I first started but since then, I’ve found that being creative in the kitchen, making my own recipes and it all still being healthy for me makes it more bearable! Change isn’t meant to be easy and when you chose to do Whole 30 you didn’t sign up for a walk in the park, but you can choose to make the best of it!

I hope that these last few posts have equipped you and set you up for success on your first, or maybe your third round of Whole 30. If you can finish every day, excited for the next (because 30 days isn’t THAT long), I promise not only may you see the results you were hoping for but gain so much more than that in the process!

You’re gunna kill it, lets do this!

With love,

Katelynn xx

Whole 30 Low Down

Whole 30 Low Down