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Whole 30 Low Down

Whole 30 Low Down

Happy Friday family!! I can’t believe theres only 4 days left until Whole 30 officially starts for myself and a few of you readers as well. It’s the most challenging but rewarding 30 days I’ve personally put myself through other than motherhood but that’s a daily thing haha. That being said I think it’s only fair to share with everyone the Do’s of Whole 30 since most diets and cleanses focus on what you can’t have! Don’t get me wrong there are A LOT of don’ts but I think that could make for a very discouraging perspective or start for people. So without further adieu-

You can have meat, praise jesus! Steak, chicken, turkey meat, pork to name a few, some chicken sausages (check your labels) and most importantly BACON- Applegate has a Whole30 compliant one as well as some great lunch meats for quick grab and go snack ideas.

Oh and you can have fish/seafood of all sorts if you’re into that sort of thing. More for you!!

You can have eggs, eggs and more eggs in any way shape or form. Hardboiled are great for snacks, salad toppers, or egg salad amongst the million amazing sounding breakfast recipes.

Vegetables are highly encouraged but chances are you don’t still live at home with mom who will remind you. Sauté them, bake them, blend them, whatever you gotta do to get your greens in people!

Fruit is allowed but in moderation as fruit still has sugar in it despite being natural. You can have fresh pressed juices as well but please be mindful of how much sugar those still contain.

Healthy fats such as avocado (yes you can turn it into guac), oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil. Ghee (clarified butter) can also serve as your butter alternative.

Any vinegars other than malt vinegar are compliant as well.

And for the most important question I know you’re all dying to have answered….

Can you have coffee? Today’s your lucky day- well maybe. Yes you can have coffee but it must be either black brewed coffee, straight up espresso, or cold brew. That being said there are many creamer options that are Whole 30 Approved to spruce up the darkness (literally) that is now what once was your beautifully crafted pumpkin spice latte with whole milk. 

You can have dairy free creamers in your coffee or cold brew but you have to be careful with your labels because most dairy free creamers still contain sugar/added sugars. My favorite Whole 30 creamer is Nutpods! They carry pumpkin spice, vanilla, hazelnut and a few other flavors and you can’t mess up there! Find it on Amazon or some local stores just check the Nutpods website for the closest store to you.

Below I have attached a FREE printable grocery list I made to make your lives just that much easier as I know for many this means big change and new territory. I hope that this helps make your Whole 30 journey as seamless and smooth as it can be for your first time. There are many things not on the list, as the list could’ve gone on for days so I do recommend still utilizing Pinterest, recipe books, and for a more direct search- the Whole 30 website if you get stuck and aren’t sure. Also, if theres one rule to help you stay on track it’s- If you can’t read the ingredients and you don’t know, let it go! Don’t take a chance based on emotions in the moment. So excited for the results and breakthrough you can receive, and that I get to be apart of it!

With love,

Katelynn xx

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